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Doug's Compounding Pharmacy provides custom compounded medications for patients throughout Illinois. Located in Paxton, IL, we serve customers in the Bloomington, Champaign, Kankakee, Watseka areas, and we are quickly growing into the leading compounding pharmacy in the state. We specialize in many compounding services, as well as a variety of additional healthcare services and hormonal testings.

Please contact Doug's Compounding Pharmacy today to schedule your medical consultation and find out if compounded medications are right for you! Serving patients in Bloomington, Champaign, Kankakee, Watseka, and the surrounding areas.

Meet Our Pharmacist

Doug Higgins, compounding pharmacist Kankakee
Doug Higgins, R.Ph.
A graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago, Doug began compounding in 1997. He is a fellow of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacies (IACP) and has spoken at area and national conferences on topics ranging from pain control and wound care to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Higgins has been honored as Professional Compounding Center's(PCCA) Pharmacist of the Month and is a former member of PCCA's Advisory Council. He currently serves on PCCA's PersonalMed committee and is a member of IACP's legislative committee. He is also Compounding Section Head of the Illinois Pharmacists Association; and is a preceptor for St. Louis College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois College of Pharmacy at Rockford, and Southern Illinois University School of Pharmacy at Edwardsville, working with pharmacy students throughout the year.

Staff Photos

Kelli Breymeyer, PharmD
Staff Pharmacist
compounding pharmacy Kankakee

Julie Higgins
Business Manager
compounding pharmacy Watseka

Lori Epps, CPhT
Provider Liaison
compounding pharmacy Kankakee

Jamie Hecktman-Pawlan
Provider Liaison
compounding pharmacy Kankakee illinois

Kelly Glazik-Riblet, CPhT
Patient Care Coordinator
compounding pharmacy Kankakee illinois

Keri Gillespie, Ph. Tech.
Dispensing Technician
compounding pharmacy Kankakee illinois

Jennifer Duke, CPhT
Lab Technician
compounding pharmacy Kankakee

Jeri Polson, Ph. Tech.
Lab Technician
compounding pharmacy bloomington il

Sarah Kelnhofer, CPhT
Lab Technician
compounding pharmacy

Megan Oser
Customer Service Associate
compounding pharmacy Kankakee illinois

Kevin Glazik
compounding pharmacy Watseka il

Mary Houston
compounding pharmacy Watseka il


PCAB Accreditation

Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board
Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) accreditation affords compounding pharmacists an unparalleled opportunity to demonstrate superior quality and safety in their compounding practices. And yet, since PCAB was founded in 2004, only a modest number of pharmacies across the nation have achieved accreditation.

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