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Is your current migraine medication a tough pill to swallow? It may be, if you suffer from the accompanying nausea that plagues many migraine sufferers. Now there’s a new alternative, Topical Regional Neuro-Affective Therapy (TRNA), a topical sumatriptan compounded cream, that is applied to the back of the neck at the hairline to treat migraines and associated symptoms. Used at the first sign of a migraine, most patients report headache and symptom relief in as little as 10-15 minutes with no significant side effects. 1-3

If you suffer from migraine pain, speak with our pharmacists, Doug or Katie, to learn more about this innovative treatment therapy.

Migraderm is a patented formulation and is available only through licensed compounding pharmacies. Doug’s Compounding Pharmacy is a licensee of AfGin Pharma, LLC, and thereby authorized to compound these patented topical creams.

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When I came to Doug's Pharmacy, my neuropathy pain in my feet was very severe. After using the cream from Doug's Pharmacy, my pain is dramatically improved. My sleep is improved as well."
…Rick M.
The pain and burning and not being able to find out what was wrong was so disturbing. I thought I was going to burn for the rest of my life. I could not go outside or even ride in a car without covering up. The medication on spots on my neck and back has helped so much. I had been to eleven doctors with no relief until the final doctor contacted Doug for help."
…Joyce C.
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